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Submitted Exchange Requests

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ITO START DATE 19.02.2018, 15:00 CET
Exchange Rate
(first 200 )
1ETH / 4000 MTT
Exchange Rate
(remaining 300 )
1ETH / 2000 MTT

Download the Pumped MulTra Token Whitepaper!

This whitepaper is addressed to everyone who feels called to create a world in which people only curate well investigated news and trustworthy quality media content eliminating fake news. It offers passionate believers of decentralized democratizing innovations the opportunity to become part of a community of society architects to design a new economy for content monetization which is respectful of consumer choice, impactful for advertisers, sustainable for publishers and effective at scale.

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The Pumped App empowers content and rewards consumers!

Pumped is a mobile app which educates new content consumption habits and expectations. Instead of communicating about content, Pumped enables users to communicate through content with two tabs. This brings a completely new culture of communication alive. Using the blockchain technology Pumped rewards content creators and curators with cryptocurrency. In analogy to social media Pumped can be referred as a new commercial media because Pumped pays the attention of news consumers.

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Pumped provides a decentralized economy for content monetization.

Pumped applies an interdisciplinary multi-layered process to design a new decentralized economy for content monetization based on lessons learned from behavioral economics. Consumers of online news content are gently nudged into the appreciation of quality news content by habituation of users towards well-investigated news from trustworthy sources. The Pumped Model can be plugged-in as a disruptive tool to the existing business model canvas of publishers to bring the content access value exchange into alignment.

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MulTra Token

Creating and establishing a new tokenized content economy.

The MulTra Token is a digital unit of value creating a transactional economy be-tween content consumers (curators) and content creators (publishers), bringing the content access value exchange into alignment. As a unit of value exchange, MulTra Token incentivizes Pumped users with rewards, distributing exclusive benefits and discounts of up to 100% for quality products and real-life services in collaboration with publishers.


MulTra Team

Is set up with the required professional expertise to succeed.

speaker img
Multi-awarded leader with the strong talent to catalyze disruptive innovations. Has excellent knowledge in blockchain technology, developed the Pumped Model, the Smart Contracts, and the Pumped App. Is dedicated to meet the expectations of investors. Developed products for many clients like Samsung, Huawei, Sky and Lenovo, ensuring measurable impact. Worked in the area of innovation and regulatory compliance at the German stock exchange Deutsche Börse.

Onik Mia

CEO & Founder

speaker img
Senior experienced executive with the talent to bring projects from vision to implementation. Has strong cross-industry expertise. Applies KaiZen Management. She is excellent in executing roadmaps with the required action to ensure that all crypto network token contributors profit in a timely manner. Took over interim management mandates in the field of Global Learning & Development for various clients like GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson and Deutsche Bank.

Veronika Tinnis

COO & Co-Founder

speaker img
Senior experienced executive with the talent to bring products from prototypes to profits. Has in-depth knowledge in IT, realizes solutions for difficult challenges and ensures that all blockchain security standards are met in technical terms. Worked for clients like Zurich Insurance, DA Direkt, Forsa Market Research and German public bank Helaba in the field of information technology, cyber security, server infrastructure, data privacy and implementation management.

Deniz Daskin

CIO & Co-Founder

speaker img
Experienced manager with the discipline to scale through excellent user experience and efficiency. Has a strong tradition for innovation and executes strategies to make crypto network token work as valuable assets for crypto contributors. Manages App development in solidity. Worked for clients like BMW, Avira, EMI Group and Sony. Has the know-how to provide high quality user experience with regard to apps and trustworthy assets to crypto token contributors.

thang nghiem

Lead Developer

speaker img
Founder of InRestruct, a company with focus on restructuring. Former CEO at German Telekom, Metro, Intershop, WOM, Schott Glas, Rosenthal, and Carrier Lounge. Has a proven track record to drive impactful performance in the service of consumers and investors. Can adopt his experience into the blockchain space. Is an advisory board member for business innovation at Steinbeis, board member of the Innovation Forge Berlin and a morethanshelters ambassador.

andreas riedel

Performance Advisor

speaker img
Founder of Deutsches Digital Insitut and pioneer of modern media psychology with a focus on digital media. Published 38 international books. Gave thousands of interviews in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Cambridge, Oxford, Le Monde, ZEIT, FAZ, Spiegel, ARD, ZDF, RTL, BBCand CNN. Lectured at UCLA, Harvard, Columbia and Yale. Counselor for heads of states and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies like KPMG, ING Group, NBC Universal, Lufthansa, Bertelsmannand Microsoft.

Prof. Dr. Jo Groebel

Media Advisor

speaker img

Founder of the law firm Schanz & Coll. and the financing company LightFin. Former Managing Partner of Hauck & Aufhäuser Corporate Finance . Advises companies, shareholders and management on VC & PE financing, M&A and IPOs. Manages all legal and regulatory compliance inquiries of the ITO, including KYC and AML. Published standard books on IPOs at C.H. Beck. Lectured at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management  and Shanghai International Bank & Finance Institute.

Dr. Kay-Michael Schanz

Legal Advisor

speaker img
Senior executive with in-depth experience in the development of alternative investment products. Developed the concept of the blockchain smart contract in compliance with requirements of regulatory authorities, ensuring the utility character of the token. Worked prior in the area of asset management and advised in the field of primary markets for stocks, bonds and derivatives. Structured capital market transactions for industrial clients and state banks.

Dr. Martin Bartels

Smart Contract Advisor

speaker img
Experienced expert in Karmic Management. Co-Founder of YouTheir, a non-profit organization that supports social entrepreneurship in developing countries, with a focus on education and incubation. Worked as consultant at Clifford Chance, Weber-Stephen and Kienbaum. Is experienced in the field of Lean Start-Up & New Business Model Development. In cooperation with Lufthansa Cargo Human Care he conducted research in Kenya on Social Entrepreneurship.

maximilian hein

Community Manager

speaker img
Award-winning entrepreneur with years of marketing experience. An Industrial Engineer with work experience from 8 countries. Was selected amongst the 100 most inspirational MBA students from around the world. His startup, Urban Point, was awarded Mobile App of the Year by Entrepreneur Magazine, selected by the World Economic Forum as a top MENA startup and was the subject of a documentary by Al Jazeera for its disruptive value creation and international scalability.

saif qazi

CMO & PR Manager

speaker img
Susanna is a former financial consultant with PwC and a World Economic Forum Global Shaper. She is an MBA and an award-winning entrepreneur with work experience in US, France, Germany, Argentina, Spain, Australia, India and Qatar. She specializes in B2B partnerships and business development.

Susanna Ingalls

Business Development Director

speaker img
Founder of Qews Entertainment, focusing on early-stage companies at the intersection of tech, media and entertainment. Has the talent to meet trends and disrupt the status quo. Designed the Pumped App concept. Is experienced on user onboarding and brand building. His co-founded App was acquired for 20 million dollars in 2016. He built the brand Ed Hardy, worked as a marketing executive at Guess and as a jury member at Germany's Next Top Model by Heidi Klum.

q ladraa

Ideation, Concept & Brand Advisor

speaker img

Founder of Athanor Capital Partners with experience in PE and technology investments. Worked for the Boston Consulting Group, co-founded a start-up in display technologies and accompanied an IPO of an online media agency. Former managing partner of Quadriga Capital , one of the most established mid-cap private equity players in Europe. Has run a variety of transactions with a sector focus on consumer & e-commerce, education and software technology.

Dr. Burkhard Bonsels

Business Development Advisor

speaker img

Founder of the KaiZen Association Germany with a strong talent to introduce innovations into real-world operations. Has a strong talent to connect blockchain technology-based services with relevant value chains of traditional businesses. Worked prior as CEO of Hofer Solutions. His clients include BMW Audi VW Daimler Berlin Airport and many more. Develops processes that allows blockchain technology to go mainstream.

uwe jörß

Operations Advisor

speaker img

Founder of Optimo Group, a company active in the areas of consulting, IT and investing. Co-Founder of the greentec startup 3R Systems, engineering pyrolyse plants and trading biochar-based products. Leading position within VEREIN FREI LEBEN, a club for informing and training people about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Invested in several companies, startups and ICO-based organizations. Has excellent knowledge to meet interests of investing ITO contributors.

martin ledvinka

Cryptocurrency Advisor

speaker img

Senior experienced enterprise application web developer, with the talent to build and scale large web applications. He is proficient in different computer languages like C#, Java and JavaScript also he has excellent skills working with the popular web development frameworks like AngularJS.

Zeeshan Ayyub

Web Developer

speaker img

With a background in international marketing and psychology, Valentina has worked with a variety of clients from all over the world. She brings an amazing amount of purpose and energy to the Pumped project and is passionate about improving the state of knowledge and information around the world.

Valentina Núñez

Marketing Coordinator


MulTra GmbH, a company founded 2014, based in Frankfurt, Germany, realizes innovations with disrupting business models in new arising markets and meets trends at the right time to monetize them in the service of clients. The expertise, passion, spirit, and discipline of the MulTra Team create measurable impact by providing digital solutions that can be easily plugged into existing business models and enable clients to serve their consumers profitably with value-added services and products from their existing portfolio.

Each achieved milestone from the whitepaper increases the MulTra Token value.

An increase in value of the MulTra Token is triggered by the number and interest of content creators to run monetization campaigns on the Pumped App. With the rise of the Pumped popularity, the attractiveness for Publishers to use the Pumped App as a content aggregator and tool for monetization of their online content increases. A monetization campaign can only be run by a deposit of MulTra Token that gets distributed as economic incentives to consumers. This makes MTT a Utility Token that creates a decentralized transactional economy that, in turn, ensures the stability of MulTra Token. After the MulTra Initial Token Offering (ITO), MTT can only be traded by MulTra Token Holders via crypto exchanges.

Road Map

Users’ and Publishers’ feedback finalizes the Pumped App.

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    Q1 2018

    Initial Token Offering

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    Q2 2018

    Listing MTT on Exchanges

  • event speaker

    Q3 2018

    Pumped App Beta Launch

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    Q4 2018

    Pumped Reward Platform

  • event speaker

    Q1 2019

    Pumped Residence Opening

  • event speaker

    Q2 2019

    Pumped App Public Launch

  • event speaker

    Q3 2019

    Decentralized Content Economy

Information according to § 5 TMG

MulTra – Multiplex Transfer GmbH
Rüsselsheimer Str. 22 B
60326 Frankfurt am Main
Hessen, Germany

+49 (0) 69 – 668 199 199

VAT-ID: DE 300 27 30 84

Registry: HRB 101505

AG Frankfurt am Main

MulTra GmbH CEO: Onik Mia