Change is constant, but that doesn't mean its easy. Most people hate change, but its the only thing that brings progress. Napoleon once said, "One must change one's tactics every 10 years if one wishes to maintain one's superiority." In today's society, the pace of change is immensely faster, and it will only continue to accelerate.

We conceptualized our ICO with the vision of supporting authentic sources of journalism and rewarding readers for reading from those authentic news sources. We wanted to make it easier for readers to support their favourite publications and ensure sustainable financial rewards for publishers in order to improve the news media environment. While our belief in our vision has grown stronger as this project has progressed, the amazing feedback from our early backers has allowed us to realize that by implementing certain changes, we can dramatically increase the beneficial impact of our project.

Based on this valuable feedback, certain enhancements designed to enable higher trust and mass adoption of The MulTra Token have been implemented. These enhancements include changing the name of our news app from The Pumped App to MulTra News App, setting up a new project website at multra.io and focusing the mission of our project to ensure maximum value growth for MulTra Token holders, news organizations and readers.

We are excited about the relaunch of the MulTra ICO in the coming days. We have trademarked the phrase "Get Paid for Reading News", and as the first news app to do so, Multra will bring millions of people into the crypto-world for the first time by earning MulTra Tokens as their first digital currency. We invite you to review our new website and white paper for more information.

Thank you for being one of the valuable early supporters of our mission to improve the quality of journalism around the world.

Best regards,

Onik Mia